on2Former Disney Animation Talent Tom Bancroft has a new webcomic and it is Awesome. The comic, Outnumbered, is about a Father living in a house of females (a wife and four daughters!) where he is “outnumbered” Five to One. A situation just overflowing with humor potential.

on1Maybe it is just because I am a stay at home dad with a wife and two daughters, but I think this is one of the most enjoyable webcomics out there right now. Outnumbered follows the Father, Mark, as he goes through his life in a house of girls, and it does it in a family friendly way.

While there are a lot of webcomics out there right now, there is not a lot of quality humor comics that are family friendly. It is a refreshing change to find both in Outnumbered. Not surprisingly  Mr. Bancroft manages to produce amazing art that fits the stories and gags perfectly. All to often I will find a webcomic I enjoy only to have it slowly disappear and come to an end, I hope that will not be the case here and that Outnumbered will continue to grow and bring Mr. Bancroft much success.

The latest strip hits very close to home for me. It mirrors a topic that comes up again and again in my home.

I highly recommend taking a bit of time and giving this strip a try from the beginning. It is relatively new so reading thru the archives should not take that long and is more then worth the time investment!