So Friday was the opening of Lutefisk Sushi at the Creative Electric Studios . I did a submission for this opening …

I didn’t think to bring a camera of my own with to the opening, but eleventyseven had the sense to bring his and is letting me borrow some of his pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI m not sure who the girl is, I am guessing she is eleventyseven friend, but right there beside her are my two pieces framed and hanging on the gallery wall. They are the Black and White pieces in the wood frames. The color pieces are by Tim Sievert.




The studio had a back room that was set aside for a special showing of Ken Avidor’ I really liked this guys stuff. Some of it really reminded me of Sergio Aragones . work, but at the same time with a feel all of his own. By far my favorite piece was his Mall of America picture…

While we were there My wife bought me one of the pieces from the show and I bought two for myself. My wife bought me The first page from a Big Time Attics’ Space Junk . The picture is hard to make out here but trust me it is real cool.

I also bought a page from Michael Furious’ Hard Brew and the pin up that a Brittney Sabo had done for Issue #2 of Brian Wood’s Local . If I make it back down to the show I ll get photos of those….

Over all it was a pretty cool experience, getting to see some of my own stuff hanging on the wall with work but a ton of other brilliant artist.