I have a lot of markers. Prismacolor Markers to be specific. I have tried many different ways to try to organize them and store them…

I have never been truly satisfied with any of the methods until now.

A while back, I stumbled on to a craft blog that featured a number of different ideas for storing markers. Most of the ideas I had tried before in one form or another. Then I came across the last one on the page, Test Tube Trays!

I thought that was a brilliant idea, and decided that that was the best way to go for me.

Then I ran into my problem.

I started pricing them out and was finding them to run in the $15 to $20 dollar range per tray, and I was going to need at least three. That would have added up to way more then I could really afford to pay for them.

Then a couple weeks ago I stumbled on a listing on Amazon where the trays were a reasonable price! Why I did not look via Amazon earlier I do not know, you can find just about anything on Amazon!

Anyway, I placed my order and patiently waited for them to arrive!

When it finally arrived, I was a little surprised and confused. They arrived in a flat box like the ones they ship you books in. How was it that my test tube holders could be in this box?

Well, the answer was pretty simple… When I opened the package I discovered three sets in plastic bags. Turns out they ship as flat pieces that have to be assembled.

DSC_0059 (2)I have to admit that upon seeing these plastic bags of parts I was a little let down.

DSC_0060 (2)Each bag contained three pieces that needed to be assembled. One base and arms,

and two divider shelves.

DSC_0061 (2)While I was initially a little disappointed, upon getting it assembled

I was really happy with the look and sturdiness of the tray.

DSC_0063 (2)The trays are now the perfect home for my markers.

Of course the big problem I have now is how I am going to organize the markers. Right now in the last picture I have them in order according to their Prismacolor Identification Number. I dont think that is the way they are going to stay though, I have a feeling that I will be sitting down soon and ordering them Chromologically. My wife blames that on my OCD.

I have to say, as far as art supplies go, this is one of my best purchases yet.