rr21 Drawing for each day. I am going to start by doing one for each letter of the alphabet… Then an additional five of my personal favorite joes…

Day 18 is Rock ‘N Roll

rrFilecard Information

File Name: McConnel, Craig S.
SN: 989-1314-MC53
Grade: E-6
Birthplace: Malibu, California
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Specialty: PT Instructor (Physical Training)

ROCK ‘N ROLL has served with the G.I. Joe team since its inception and has been consistently updating his equipment and his skills. These days, his “primary iron” is the General Monopolies 5.56mm, six-barreled, electronically driven, mini-gatling machine gun! It’s fitted with inert-gas recoil absorbers and scoped with third generation laser optics. This weapon, including power pack and factory loaded 1000rd. ammo drum, weighs in at 85 pounds and delivers 4000 rounds-per-minute at a muzzle velocity of 3300 feet-per-second!

“When Rock ‘N Roll was a surfer and weight lifter back home in Malibu, he used to play electric guitar in local bands. During that time, his ears became accustomed to loud, amplified noises. So today, whenever he hears the roar of his mini-gatling gun laying down maximum suppressive firepower, the sound of it is simply music to his ears!”

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