I just spam emailed all my friends trying to solicit some help… Now I am going to pester the blog world as well….


I am Working on a project and I need to come up with 101 robots!

Here is what I have so far… 84 out of 101

Can you think of something I haven’t????

Robbie the Robot – From Forbiden Planet

Gort – The Day the Earth Stood Still


C3po – Star Wars

R2-D2 – Star Wars

R5-D4 – Star Wars

Power Droid (Gonk) – Star Wars

Robots from Silent Running

Marvin – Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy Movie

Marvin – Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy TV Show

Old BOB – The Black Hole

VINCENT – The Black Hole

Maximiilium – The Black Hole

Bicentenial Man

Box – Logans Run


Giant Robot – Robocop

#5 – Short Circuit

Borg – Star Trek

Optimus Prime – Transformers

Megatron – Transformers

Roboz – Riptide

Dot Matrix – Spaceballs

Hal – 2001

Servo – MST3K

Crow – MST3K

Gypsy – MST3K

Zero – Earth2

Cyberman – Doctor Who Original Version

Cyberman – Doctor Who 80’s Version

Cyberman – Doctor Who New Version

Giant Robot – Doctor Who

K-9 – Doctor Who

Kryten – Red Dwarf

Sonny – I Robot

B9 – Lost in Space TV

B9 – Lost in Space Movie

Bender – Futurama

Security Robot – Chopping Mall

ABC Warrior – 2000ad



Twiki – Buck Rogers

Crichton – Buck Rogers

Cylon – Classic BSG

Muffet – Classic BSG

Lucifer – Classic BSG

Cylon – NEW BSG

Rosie – Jetsons

Conky – PeeWee’s Playhouse

Robots from Batteries not included

Andy the Android – Quark

Herbie – Fantastic Four

Data – ST:TNG

Sentinal – XMEN

Clank – Ratchet and Clank video game



Tobor – Tobor

Rodney Copperbottom – Robots

Bigweld – Robots

Cappy – Robots

Aunt Fanny – Robots

Ratchet – Robots

Iron Giant

Tinman – Wizard of Oz

Doomsday – Star Trek

Anne Droid – Doctor Who

Robot from Tripping the Riff

BattleDroid – Star Wars

Probot – Star Wars

Pit Droids – Star Wars

8d8 – Star Wars

9d9 – Star Wars

Super Battle Droid – Star Wars

IG-88 – Star Wars

Mouse Droid – Star Wars

2-1B – Star Wars

Waitress Droid – Star Wars(AOTC)

Bad Bots – Backyardigans

Mars Lander – Real Life

B.E.N. – Treasure Planet

Maria – Metropolis

Romba – Real Life