382201727029I really did not keep track of what I watched this week.

By the time I came up with this idea the week was already half over and I was kind of caught up with just working on tweeking out the site some more.

So this week the post will be mostly about the one thing I do remember watching this week.

The 1977 film Damnation Alley.

I first saw Damnation Alley on TV in the mid 1980’s right around the time when Mad Max/Road Warrior rip offs were a dime a dozen. Up until just recently I thought that Damnation Alley was just another made for TV ripoff. One I loved, but a ripoff none the less. So i was quite surprised to find out that it was actually released before the first Mad Max movie!

Damnation Alley is the story of soldiers from a nuclear missile base who use two armored transports to try to make their way across a America devastated by Nuclear War to a automated radio signal.

The special effects by todays standards are low grade. The plot very loose and rushed. But it is grade A old school geek fun. Staring Jan Michael Vincent and George Peppard two of my favorite actors from the 1980’s.

Rating 4/5 for old school fun