leaguelogo_medium Since I am finally taking the time to fix my blog and get things back up and running, I figured it was also time to rejoin the League of Extraordinay Bloggers!

Needless to say when I saw this weeks topic was Robots I got all excited about waxing nostalgic about all the great robots of my Youth… V.I.N.CENT, R2-D2, Twiki and so on…

Then as I sat here starting to write up my post I remembered the one Robot from my youth that I was forgetting. The Tomy Wind-up Walking Rascal Robot. I had a squad of these little guys when I was a kid. They would hang out with R2 and 3Po and fight the evil empire…


The Rascal Robot came in two different versions, Red Dome with Black Arms and Legs and Blue Domed with Orange Arms and Legs.


For a while you could score these guys on Ebay for a couple bucks each tops and that is just what I did! I have about twelve of these guys now. They are spread out amongst my collection, hanging out on various shelves.  Lately though, the prices have gone way higher then I am willing to pay, although I might break down and get myself one of the carded ones one of these days.

tomy (2)A couple years back I was taking a Drawing class, in the class we had to choose a theme and draw 101 image variations on that theme, I chose Robots. The very first drawing I did for that assignment was the Tomy Rascal Robot….

As of right now only two other members of the League have posted. They are The Nerd Nook, who posted The Nerd Nook’s Top Ten Favorite Pop Culture Robots and GOODWILL HUNTING 4 GEEKS who takes us on a tour of the Robots in his collection which just happens to include a very special guest appearance by Donny and Marie!

Now a little house keeping. Since I am back and new topics are posted on Mondays, I think I am going to start creating some Thursday posts as well. Starting this Thursday I will be picking a Topic from the past and posting what I would have done had I been taking part at the time. So be sure to stop back to the main page on Thursday for the first installment of “The Retro-League!”

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