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“What a nightmare!”

Nightmares are an easy one for me. I have been a bad sleeper my whole life, plagued by nightmares on a regular basis.

I blame my dreams for how little I sleep.

One of my Nightmares that pops up over and over again is a nightmare of being hung…

I think this nightmare goes back to when I was very young and an older cousin who was babysitting us decided to take us to a drive-in theater to see a movie with her boyfriend.

At first it was pretty exciting.

We got to play at the playground at the Drive-in and then when we went back to the car the back seat had been laid down for us and we had a cool little camp out in the car going.

Then it started. A cartoon countdown to the movie with commercials for the snackbar…

But that is where the fun ended… turns out the double feature that evening was The Omen and Race with the Devil.

I do not remember how old I was, but it could not be more then four or five…

much to young for those movies.

There was a number of parts of both films that bothered me, but the one that stood out and still haunts my dreams to this day is the Suicide of Damion’s Nanny in The Omen.




UPDATE: I just looked up the release date for the Omen, the first feature that night. The Omen came out June 25, 1976. That means that when I saw the movie I was at most a month shy of being five.