I have yet to figure out the whole comic posting stuff here on the blog so for this Wednesday please accept this random post…

My daughter and I are addicted to the Lego Mini-Figure Blind Bags. We have all of series 5 thru 10 and a small handful of earlier ones.

On top of the display you can also see our collection of Doctor Who Character Builder Mini-Figures, Marvel Comics Avengers Mini-Figures and our Lord of the Rings Fellowship Mini-figures.

How We Made Our Mini-Figure Display


1. Find an old Cassette Tape rack @ a garage sale or in all the old junk in your basement.


2. Rip all those stupid little innerds out!


3. Get a whole bunch of LEGOs!


4. Build stacks with the LEGOs!


5. Paint your case.


6. use more LEGOs to make shelfs.


7. realize you never checked to see if things fit and go back and do that…

P10007448. Display your LEGO Mini-Figures!