Going to set some goals to forget about two weeks into the New Year…

1. Wrap up the six posts that I have sitting in the draft folder by the 10th of January.

2. Start writing here on a regualr basis… A least three times a week, at least one of one being my Godzilla project…

3. Lose at least 25 pounds before Blue (We are having a baby boy on April 21st…) is born.

4. Draw every day this year. Post the Drawings every Sunday night.

5. Finish up the Adventures of Red and Gold drawings  before April 21st.

6. Start the Adventures of Red, Gold and Blue in May.

7. Take part in the Empty Shelf Challenge. (Details to come tomorrow!)

8. Clean out basement and Garage, create new Bedroom in the Basement.

9. Take one of my comic ideas to completion.


Lets see how I do…