Quick little Springcon wrap up.


First off I have to say Grant Gould is awesome. He gave me an amazing drawing of Rocket Raccoon as a away of thanking me for a gift I gave him at the last convention. The drawing is shown in the first picture along with a print by Jason Copland for the book Kill All Monsters that he did with Michael May.

tumblr_mn4453Uvfw1qe4yako4_500Second picture shows two treasury editions that I picked up for a total of $5.00! I have never seen the Laff-a-Lympics book for less then $50 in that condition! was very excited to get them!

tumblr_mn4453Uvfw1qe4yako5_500Third picture show a Hulk skecthcard my daughter bought by Joe Combs and a Dark Wing Duck card I got by Corey Kramer from wonder weenies.  I really love the way he signed the back as seen in the fourth photo!

tumblr_mn4453Uvfw1qe4yako3_500The final photo shows the books I came home with. All totaled I spent $60 dollars on them combined with some trading. Not a bad haul in my opinion. Was ready to drop $50 on the XMEN omnibus alone!