522771_10150877098704463_743399462_9346701_782806995_nWho am I?

I am Charles Raymond . I am a 40 something year old and trying to stay a kid. I do this by drawing cartoons, reading comics and being an over all geek. I have a Wonderful wife and two Beautiful daughter and a son(who are referred to as Red, Gold and Mr. Blue on the internet…). I have way to many projects in development. My goal is to manage to keep this comic up and running and finally tell one of my stories.


Husband, Father,  Christian,  Artist, Geek, NASA Freak, etc.


Writing: Robert Heinlein, Greg Rucka, Jeff Smith, Don Rosa

Artist: Michael Jantze, Jeff Smith, Charles M. Schultz, Don Rosa, Jim Davis, Edward Gorey, Jack Kirby, Charles Addams, Katie Cook, Art Adams, Berkeley Breathed, Stan Sakai, Jay Marcy, Raina Telgemeier, Indigo Kelleigh, Kevin Cannon, Zander Cannon


Is there a set posting schedule?

Yes. The plan for now is to update weekly on Fridays starting February 6th 2015.